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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Currently using Fedora!! Fedora is nothing but a felt hat. Red Hat Linux uses the Shadowman with a hat as its logo. And hence the name for this open source OS too.
Fedora's logo has an interesting funda!!

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Synonym

Currently reading The Picutre of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, where I came across the description of Lord Henry's house. It goes like this -

"a very charming room,with its high-panelled wainscoating of olive-stained oak,its cream coloured frieze.."
Opened OED to find out what the word 'frieze' meant. And I understood!(?) the synonym in its entirety.
- Part of entablature between architrave and cornice!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


An Acronym is a word that is formed with the initial letters of the word.But I came across something called a Backronym. A word is said to be a backronym if it started as an acronym and later got an expanded version! Well,an example would make it more clear -SOS was a backronym. But it later came to be known as 'Save Our Souls' / 'Save Our Ship'.

The word Backronym is a Portmanteau!The word Portmanteau was coined by Lewis Caroll. To define a portmanteau, it is a word that is formed by combining the sounds and the meanings of different words. Ha, would you believe if were to tell you that TomKat actually stood for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? (Spare me geeks!Please.....)

If a word is either an acronym/a backronym and also has a meaning related to the words it is made up of,is called an Apronym. Apronym is a portmanteau of Appropriate Acronym! A famous example is - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, for LSD.Well, this falls under the acronym category.The one in the backronym category is - INFINITY, wherein it stands for Increment Numbers Forever -It's Nuts, I tell You!

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