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Monday, January 05, 2009

La Vie En Rose

Been wanting to write about a movie for quite sometime. Finally decided to. But, the unique aspect, (well, that's how I would like to christen it) is that, this is written in French! I thought my blog was a good arena to portray the little French that I've learnt! Without any disclaimers, here I narrate -

J'ai vu un fil qui s'appelle La Vie En Rose. Ce film est sorti en Février 2007. J'ai vu le bande-annonce du film à l'avance. Il était trés intéressant et j'ai decidé de le voir. Le genre est musical. L'actrice Marion Cotillard joue un rôle Édith Piaf , la chanteuse dans le film. Elle a gagné 'Le Premier Actrice' à l'Oscar.

L'Histoire du film est "La vie à Édith Piaf", et il présente la view de l'enfance à la mort. Toutes les chansons du film sont trop belle. Et mon chanson favorite est Non, regrette rien. La mise en scène est trés riche!

Les dialogues du film sont trés émouvants. J'ai pleuré finalement. Vous ne manquez pas ce film. À voir absolument!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

December Season 2008

After a long hiatus... here I come. Well, this ain't one of my new year resolutions ;)

So, let me dive directly into the details about the concerts that I attended -

The first kutcheri that I attended this year was Shri.Sanjay Subramanyam @ Infosys Hall. I really liked the krithi that he rendered shUlini. The interesting part of the concert was the RTP in madHuvanti with the pallavi "Kuzhal inidhu yaazh inidhu". Was extremely interesting!He also gave us a glimpse into the rAga pRiyaDarsHini. The performance was, I would say, profound.

The next concert was Shri.U.Srinivas @ Vani Mahal. Well, the surprise element for me was the Swarajathi that was rendered, which is composed by SyAmA sHastri that goes like "kAmAkshi ambA anuDinamu mara vakane". Apart from that, there was moHana kalyAni, naLinakAnthi, kApi nArayani and tarangiNi, etc., Overall, it was a good performance.

Next in the list was Ranjani and Gayathri @ The Music Academy. They started off with a varNam in tOdi. Followed by Sri Saraswathi in Arabhi. tiruvadi sharaNam in khAmbOji was the main piece. I wasn't completely impressed by the choice of the krithis and the Alapana.

On the same day, I caught Shri.T.N.Seshagopalan @ Mylapore Fine Arts. I would say this was easily one of the best concerts that I've attended in this season. He started with sAverI "Sri rAjagOpala". Followed by marivERE in shanmukhapriyA. There was a thiruppAvai in shankarAbharaNam "puLum silambina kAaN". He also rendered a krithi in tOdi - dAchukOvalEna in misra jampa! Trust me...he started singing an RTP at 9.00 PM! And it was mind blowing. It was in Poorvikalyani, Bhagesri and Sri! The Pallavi being "vEenA gAna daSa gamadakriye" from meenakshI mE muDam. He aslo rendered revathI and a thillana in the end. It was an eclectic concert, I would say!

Also attended Shri.T.N.Krishan Sir's concert @ MFA. He strung together suruTi, behAg, kharaharapriyA, sindhubHairavi, shanmukhapriyA, etc., in his concerts. He was accompanied by Smt. Viji Krishan and Shri.Sriram Kirshnan. The whole concert was mellifluous.


The only disappointing thing was, I couldn't get to hear Shri. T.N.Sankaranarayanan's kutcheir this year. Hoping to catch one soon!

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