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Monday, August 27, 2007

Hello hello....!!

Amazing!! Here is the reason behind why we start a conversation with a 'Hello'!!

Source : "Vowel sounds are made by using the mouth as a resonating cavity, and distinguished from each other by such things as the position of the tongue, which changes the resonance. Since vocal cavities vary in size, we can understand a person's vowels only in relation to their other vowels. The pitch of a large man and a small child are very different. In fact, a larger person's high vowel in "see" could have the same pitch as a smaller person's low vowel in "saw."
Humans are amazingly good at understanding speech, and only need about two syllables to pick up a speaker's vocal range. This means that the first two syllables in a conversation will generally not be understood, and this is particularly true on the phone where the listener has no cue as to the speaker's size."

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Was surprised to see this!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Life!! :)

Trying to breathe some life into my blog!! :)

This sunday was truly blissful.Spent most of the time reading about one of the greatest composers of Carnatic Music - Muthuswamy Dikshitar.

To talk about the gift he'd left the music sorority (well,what do you expect out of a feminist! :) )
Got a wonderful opportunity to listen to lots of krithis composed in rare ragas. Dikshitarophiles should definitely visit this.Was listening to one of the nIlOtpalAmbA krithi. Well,let me explain - Dikshitar composed lots of krithis termed by the sorority as 'group-krithis', which will contain krithis in the name of a particular deity,mostly, or in general, a particular theme. One such set, is the nIlOtpalAmbA.

The one that I listened to was in nArirItigOwla. All these krithis describe the neelotpalamba, the goddess of blue lotus.Since the raagams in which these krithis end with 'gOwla', they are also called gOwlAnta rAga krithis.These krithis are different from the navAvarnam by the fact that these do not have a dhyAna krithi and a mangala krithi.

Hoping to post more on various compositions and a more detailed one! since breathing too much life onto my blog might suffocate it!! :)

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