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Monday, August 15, 2005

I was right!!!

I was right about the fact that they are showing Roja today too!!! Where else, but on Doordarshan!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Independence Day!

Well....tomorrow we are celebrating the 58th year of Independence!!!

Happy Independence Day!!
During my school days,we used to have this Independence Day celebrations.Actually,I learnt a lot about the Freedom Struggle,our Leaders and about Patriotism from the plays that were being staged.All these instilled in me a sense of belonging to this country.

One of my activities on Independence Day was to watch the movie Roja that was aired on Doordarshan.They made it a practise to air that movie on 15th of August,every year.I don't know why,but it made sense!!Especially,the song Thamizha Thamizha,wow!! it gives me goosepimples,every time I listen to it.

Was watching a Tamil movie the other day called Kapalottiya Thamizhan,it was such an inspiring movie.Shivaji had donned the role of Va.U.Chidambaranar(Kapalottiya Thamizhan) and portrayed the "struggle" for Independence!!

But the sad part is,nowadays they don't broadcast such "patriotic" movies and instead play some new flick....that din't even do well in the box office.Its that,why don't they play some of the movies or some archived material on freedom struggle??Else I feel the cliched saying will come true-

Did a man like Gandhi,ever live???

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oh no.....

Potter Fans out there.....please check this out....

There is porn in Potter VI
Thanks to Prashanth!!!Else...would'nt have known it.


I am recently hooked to this!!Well......its the latest tamil flick,music by-ARR!!!! :) This movie called Anbe Aaruyire, has 6 tracks.

Vaali,the lyricist has done a very good job.Most importantly,one needs to strain their ears to find out whether the fact I've mentioned about the lyrics is true or not.The music overshadows the lyrics.
Image hosted by Still....ARR is ARR!!!

All the songs are good.One unique aspect of this movie is,all the songs are written in TAMIL !!! Definitely unique!!! Is'nt it??Of course an exception exists,in "Maramkothiye" (woodpecker!!),where Blaize comes into picture and is very much on a techno note.

The other songs are - "Mayilirage" sung by Madhushree (Sujatha Bhattacharya) and Naresh Iyer,has a hitch,regarding the pronunciation."Thigu thigu" by Sadhana Sargam and Naresh Iyer gives a rustic feeling."Thazhuvudhu" is sung by Shreya Ghosal and SPB.Wonder how SPB manages to maintain his voice!!!

ARR fans are definitely bestowed with the opportunity of enjoying the rawness of his voice in "Anbe Aaruyire"............

"Aaru Kodi pergalil oruvan adiyen thamizhan naan ungal nanban"
symbolically expressing "ARR" !!!!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Dis"BAND" ??????

Yesterday was Friendship's Day!!Well...Happy Friendship's Day to everyone who's reading this!!!I was reminded of my school days(sounds like....romba varusham munnadi......soo many years back..well its 4 years back to be precise).We used to have this ritual of tying bands called the friendship band to all our friends.

The best part will happen only the day before...All of us...with our "saved up" pocket money will go to a shop....and will spend hours together on trying to choose the proper one.

In'll be like,this friend of mine likes black,so this one is for her,and this yellow one is for her and so on.And we'll be interested in certain bands so we'll ask the other person to get it ......and announcements will be made..."This is for me!! I've reserved it!! :)

Image hosted by

I know...all sounds really funny!!But...I've cherished all those moments!!And its just the natural phenomenon of what is termed as- Growing Up!!!!

And this was sooo different.No friendship bands nothing.We just met up and we were "reliving" those moments....and in the end it turned out to be another typical my (former) type of Friendship's Day....cos' my neighbour, she came upto me...and held my hand,tied a friendship band and said...Happy Friendship's Day!!!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Don't tell me its true

I read an article recently....and I was AGHAST.It was regarding the use of human hair in commercial food especially the ones from the bakery.It does'nt stop with the use of human hair....but also the use of feathers from duck and chicken.

It seems the dough that is prepare to make pizzas,toasts,cakes,etc., when they are baked,the corners roll.This is where the human hair comes into picture.

The human hair,is dipped in Hydrochloric Acid,which recovers L-Cysteine.And the presence of this L-Cysteine prevent the rolling and also facilatates the movement of the dough through various bakery equipments.Does'nt the whole thing sound disgusting???

I lost the appetite for such stuffs the moment I read this.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Good Old Days!!!

My friends left to the U.S yesterday.I mean..........till then it was like....ok fine,they are leaving.But those last few minutes that I spent with them was really memorable.

It's like..........I've never felt this way before.It was very different.We've been togther for the past ten years.The amount of fun we had....can't be imagined.The conversations we've had,ranging from pin to porns!!!I know.........I can still keep in touch,thanks to technology, but its not going to be the same anymore.

Especially,the last few moments we guys spent together......we were just blank.We din't know what to talk.But one thing was for sure....... we'll miss each other like crazy.

Image hosted by
Sad and happy for 'em!!

Today morning I get up with the "hard" fact in my mind,that they are gone.But I jus kept saying to myself..........."Everything happens for good"!!!

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