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Thursday, August 11, 2005


I am recently hooked to this!!Well......its the latest tamil flick,music by-ARR!!!! :) This movie called Anbe Aaruyire, has 6 tracks.

Vaali,the lyricist has done a very good job.Most importantly,one needs to strain their ears to find out whether the fact I've mentioned about the lyrics is true or not.The music overshadows the lyrics.
Image hosted by Still....ARR is ARR!!!

All the songs are good.One unique aspect of this movie is,all the songs are written in TAMIL !!! Definitely unique!!! Is'nt it??Of course an exception exists,in "Maramkothiye" (woodpecker!!),where Blaize comes into picture and is very much on a techno note.

The other songs are - "Mayilirage" sung by Madhushree (Sujatha Bhattacharya) and Naresh Iyer,has a hitch,regarding the pronunciation."Thigu thigu" by Sadhana Sargam and Naresh Iyer gives a rustic feeling."Thazhuvudhu" is sung by Shreya Ghosal and SPB.Wonder how SPB manages to maintain his voice!!!

ARR fans are definitely bestowed with the opportunity of enjoying the rawness of his voice in "Anbe Aaruyire"............

"Aaru Kodi pergalil oruvan adiyen thamizhan naan ungal nanban"
symbolically expressing "ARR" !!!!


Vikram H said...

yeah i agree with you.It's not often that u see 'tamil-only' lyrics nowadays!!... And as for SPB's voice, the eternal question about its youthfulness has never failed to mystify one and all!...But u know what, ARR is in the process of composing songs for an untitled movie by a director called Krishna and he claims that the one song which he's completed for the moment, is gonna be this year's anthem for the youth!!

Anonymous said...

ya its always good to hear an "unadulterated tamil song".... hey check out shriya ghosh too... she s been singing proper tamil songs wid gr8 ease dat too widout knowing a word of tamil she's doing a splendid job

Leon said...

Anbe aaruyire is too good..

The others are ok I guess.. :-)

Einsteinophile said...

@ Vik: Oh..Dint kno tht.
@ Anon : Yeah...she has a good voice...but I guess she'll start concentratin on her pronunciations too!!!
@ Leon: Oh fav too!!

Vikram H said...

and i forgot to mention that the untitled project had indeed been bestowed upon with a name..Its called "Jill Endru Oru Kaadhal", starring Surya. But sadly,the movie's gonna be out only in 2006.

NIRMAL said...

See generally ARR compositions take time to become superhit..more u listen more u like them..
also when are u goin to give ur cassette to ARR...

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