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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Wanna Know Y 'INSIDE' is out!!

First it was Hutch painting the town Pink,and now it's INTEL.

Image hosted by

Intel is planning to change it's logo,designed by Dennis Carter,it's marketing manager.It is said that the word 'INSIDE' might be OUT! Let's see what they come up with!

Monday, December 26, 2005


Me is writing this post from a CUBE FARM, trying to calculate the BEVAMETER.

Wondering what this is????Don't bother flipping a dictionary to find out what it is.

Well,these are called the SNIGLETS.It is a word that should be in the dictionary, but isn't!! The guy who invented it was Richard Hall, of The David Letterman Show fame.These are words to define concepts that have no official meaning.So a CUBE FARM is an office filled with cubicles and BEVAMETER is the distance you can lift your beverage from the table before the coaster that is stuck to it falls off.

Found a few Techie Sniglets!!
Zen mail is an e-mail message that arrives without text in the message body.
Crapplet is a poorly written or totally useless Java applet.
Gadaboutag is an orphan HTML tag that's messing up your page.
Animousity is to vigorously click the pointer device because a page is loading too slowly.
Screen spasm occurs as a result of animousity.The pages that try to load simultaneously on your computer screen.

P.S : Ignosecond is seeing yourself about to do something stupid but going ahead with it.But my SNIGLET is Igno'no'second!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Reason!

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Oh well....I bunked office today!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Currently Reading....

I am currently reading this book called "THE WORLD IS FLAT",by Thomas.L.Friedman.It is a book which talks about GLOBALISATION.

There was this aspect,that struck me.The author has a suggestion for all the Developing countries in this world.He says-Like how we have something called Alcoholic Anonymous(A.C),we should be having something called -Developing Countries Anonymous(D.A.C).He says,each country should be BRUTALLY HONEST while introspecting.(Very beautiful!!)

Image hosted by

The book is presented really well, but all I could think about was,the parts about INDIA.He analyses the state of many of the Developing countries,in which he talks about India. He says -

"On the Chinese streest,there's no rule of law,but the roads are well paved;there are no potholes,and the streetlights all work.On the Indian streets,by contrast,no one ever reapirs the streetlights,the roads are full of ruts,but the police are sticklers for the rules.You need license to open a lemonade stand on the Indian streets.Luckily the local cops can be bribed."

It's extremely saddening to know,this BITTER truth.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Einstein!!!! Well....I have been calling myself an EINSTEINOPHILE and have never posted even a single post about him :(. And now..I have made the start!
Image hosted by
Very Einstein!

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Lux recently celebrated 75 years of their brand.They wanted to make it special so they roped in Sharukh Khan to do a commercial for them.Well,he is the second male model for Lux.Paul Newman being the first one!

Image hosted by
SRK with Hema Malini(1970's),Sridevi(1980's),Juhi Chawla(1990's),Kareena! ............Through the ages!!!

The recent most commercial with SRK,done by J Walter Thompson,in which Khan talks about "beauty secrets" sitting in a bath-tub with petals.I can understand that HLL wanted to do something really different.But why a male model?? Is it some kind of a MS thing???....!!!! The best part is,he doesn't use the soap in the ad.Which makes the ad very different???!!!!???

About the history,the word Lux was derived from 'LUXURY'.There had been a number of stars who have modeled for Lux.The first Indian model was Leela Chitnis.And then comes the host of stars like Hema Malini,Sridevi,Juhi Chawla,Kareena and....... so on.

The interesting fact is, a star from South-India too has modeled for Lux! It's none other than Jayalalithaa!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Recently a Marauder's Map was released.Oh has nothing to do with the Hogwarts!


Sunday, November 06, 2005

I've been doing this.....

I've been watching lotsa movies!!Oh.....multi-lingual too!!
Amelie A French movie!
Run Lola Run A German movie!(Oh yeah...I understand a bit of German!)
Before Sunrise A very beautiful movie!
Seven Samurai A Japanese Movie!
GodFather-I Woow!!Brando and Pacino,they rock!
Notting Hill Started watching it,but din't like it.
KungFu Hustle It's in Mandarin!
DDLJ Hindi!! :)
Read Damsel in Distress-PGW !Currently reading Athabasca.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Founded in 1864,"this" started as a paper industry near "this" river in Finland. A Finnish engineer,Fredrik Idestam.In his initial years, he wasn't well-versed in this,so he acquired the technology from Germans.He learnt it all by convincing the workers of the manufacturing plant to show him the details.

When he came back to Finland, he created his own paper manufacturing plant.In 1867, he was awarded the Bronze Medal for his wood pulp invention in the Paris Wood Exposition.After this everyone knew "this", so he started putting "this" brand on all products. And when the company started offering some new products after a few years, he was still putting "this" brand on all of them.

Later on, "this" joined hands with two other companies called Finnish Rubber Works (FRW) and Finnish Cable Works.So paper, rubber and cables were sold under "this" brand.

But currently,"this" is famous for "Connecting People"?????????????!!!!!

Image hosted by
Nokia's Old Logo

Monday, October 17, 2005

Enterprise Java Beans

Yeah...this post is the result of the training that I am currently undergoing.A little bit of curiosity to learn more about Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).As usual,googled a bit.Got loads of information regarding EJB.

Was also trying the Image search,when I landed up with this picture for EJB!

Image hosted by

Sunday, October 16, 2005

My game of Pool

Hooooraaay!!Atlaast played a game of Pool today.Found the game really interesting,and it involved lots of concentration.And to top it all,it was FUN.

Image hosted by
Pool Table

Basically games like Pool,Snooker, all these belong to the Billiards Family.And the game of Pool,was initially played as as off-track game,in the race courses.This is because lots of money was "pooled" in.Hence the name Pool.

The stick with which the game is played is called the cue stick.About the balls,there is one white ball called the cue ball,and the rest are the object balls.In the object balls,there are two sets,solid colored and striped ones.The angle at which the cue stick is held and the player's posture counts a lot.Believe me! This is what I learnt.Thanks to Buffy-buffy,Dipsy and Spidey!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

How To Steal A Million

I watched this movie,How to steal a million yesterday! Celebrating my weekend.And I am sure I chose the best way to celebrate.Lovely movie.

This movie is directed by William Wyler,the guy who directed Roman Holiday.This movie was supposed to be a 'sequel-types' to Roman Holiday.And Gregory Peck was to play the lead.

Image hosted by
Peter'O Toole & Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn and Peter'O Toole have done a fantastic job.This movie's highlight is,it has very simple dialogues but believe me,beautiful ones.The chemistry between them is really really cute.Both of them STEAL the show.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


This article is not about the musical band but a Hindu Sage called Narada.More popularly known as Kalahapriya, Kalaham meaning fight.He loves starting fights between people.Hence the phrase "naradar velai"!

Did you know that,Narada is a very great musician???

Image hosted by

As the legend goes,Saint Thyagaraja was blessed by Narada.And he even composed a krithi called "Narada Muni" in praise of Narada. For those who have attended atleast one Carnatic Kutcheri, you would have noticed the musicians singing raagam.Not so ardent listeners would term it as-"Tha ra na".Its nothing but a dedication to the Greatest Musician "Narada".indicating the syllables in his name.

That's why instead of singing a raagam in terms of "aa" (which of course they do) but its mostly "tha-ra-na"!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Table Tennis

Table Tennis!!! My latest craze.

Well,my first guru from whom I learnt the game was, my Physics teacher (in school).Its really an interesting game.And requires swift reflexes.This game was originally called "Whiff-whaff", which later became "Ping-Pong" and now -Table Tennis.

This game has an interesting history.This game ,mimicks Tennis!.The game of Table Tennis,used to be played as a past-time during the dinner parties in England.There weren't any nets,instead simple objects,like the cork of a bottle were used!

But later,developed into a popular sport and even gained an entry into Olympics. Wondering why this srticle creeped into my blog all of a sudden??? Well...its a part of "my" Corporate World!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Suitable Boy

Wanted to post my next entry after reading this book "A Suitable Boy"!

A very beautiful book,set in the post-independence era.This 1349 page saga,this number is suggestive enough to indicate that,it's one of the longest novels in English! And I'm proud that -I HAVE READ IT! :)

Image hosted by      The Cover

The author of this novel,Vikram Seth,has given vivid images of all the places that has appeared in this novel.This novel clearly displays Seth's knowledge about India. All the characters in this novel are soooo lively.The portrayal is really good.Though this novel runs to around 1300 pages,there's not much of a deviation.The story just runs through all the pages of the book,unlike other books,where it'll be in chunks.

The best thing about this novel is,it was supposed to be a short story!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I'm back!

I guess that was too long a hiatus from the world of blogging.Guess who's back, back again!! is the song that strikes me at this juncture.

I recently read a book called Man and Superman ,subtitled A comedy and Philosophy,by G.B.Shaw.Was a wonderful book,I thoroughly enjoyed it.Well,the word Superman of the title,is derived from the writings of Freidrich Neitzsche.

The other book I read,rather re-read was, Surely You're Joking Mr.Feynman!!!An awesome book and I would classify it under the must-read category.The whole book was in simple terms,but the underlying thoughts were...really Fantastic! Wat a physicist- Feynman is! Image hosted by Especially the chapters about cracking the safes,called "Safecracker meets Safecracker" was too good. My favourite verse is, about the problem on introspection:

I wonder why.I wonder why. I wonder why I wonder. I wonder why I wonder why. I wonder why I wonder!

Monday, August 15, 2005

I was right!!!

I was right about the fact that they are showing Roja today too!!! Where else, but on Doordarshan!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Independence Day!

Well....tomorrow we are celebrating the 58th year of Independence!!!

Happy Independence Day!!
During my school days,we used to have this Independence Day celebrations.Actually,I learnt a lot about the Freedom Struggle,our Leaders and about Patriotism from the plays that were being staged.All these instilled in me a sense of belonging to this country.

One of my activities on Independence Day was to watch the movie Roja that was aired on Doordarshan.They made it a practise to air that movie on 15th of August,every year.I don't know why,but it made sense!!Especially,the song Thamizha Thamizha,wow!! it gives me goosepimples,every time I listen to it.

Was watching a Tamil movie the other day called Kapalottiya Thamizhan,it was such an inspiring movie.Shivaji had donned the role of Va.U.Chidambaranar(Kapalottiya Thamizhan) and portrayed the "struggle" for Independence!!

But the sad part is,nowadays they don't broadcast such "patriotic" movies and instead play some new flick....that din't even do well in the box office.Its that,why don't they play some of the movies or some archived material on freedom struggle??Else I feel the cliched saying will come true-

Did a man like Gandhi,ever live???

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oh no.....

Potter Fans out there.....please check this out....

There is porn in Potter VI
Thanks to Prashanth!!!Else...would'nt have known it.


I am recently hooked to this!!Well......its the latest tamil flick,music by-ARR!!!! :) This movie called Anbe Aaruyire, has 6 tracks.

Vaali,the lyricist has done a very good job.Most importantly,one needs to strain their ears to find out whether the fact I've mentioned about the lyrics is true or not.The music overshadows the lyrics.
Image hosted by Still....ARR is ARR!!!

All the songs are good.One unique aspect of this movie is,all the songs are written in TAMIL !!! Definitely unique!!! Is'nt it??Of course an exception exists,in "Maramkothiye" (woodpecker!!),where Blaize comes into picture and is very much on a techno note.

The other songs are - "Mayilirage" sung by Madhushree (Sujatha Bhattacharya) and Naresh Iyer,has a hitch,regarding the pronunciation."Thigu thigu" by Sadhana Sargam and Naresh Iyer gives a rustic feeling."Thazhuvudhu" is sung by Shreya Ghosal and SPB.Wonder how SPB manages to maintain his voice!!!

ARR fans are definitely bestowed with the opportunity of enjoying the rawness of his voice in "Anbe Aaruyire"............

"Aaru Kodi pergalil oruvan adiyen thamizhan naan ungal nanban"
symbolically expressing "ARR" !!!!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Dis"BAND" ??????

Yesterday was Friendship's Day!!Well...Happy Friendship's Day to everyone who's reading this!!!I was reminded of my school days(sounds like....romba varusham munnadi......soo many years back..well its 4 years back to be precise).We used to have this ritual of tying bands called the friendship band to all our friends.

The best part will happen only the day before...All of us...with our "saved up" pocket money will go to a shop....and will spend hours together on trying to choose the proper one.

In'll be like,this friend of mine likes black,so this one is for her,and this yellow one is for her and so on.And we'll be interested in certain bands so we'll ask the other person to get it ......and announcements will be made..."This is for me!! I've reserved it!! :)

Image hosted by

I know...all sounds really funny!!But...I've cherished all those moments!!And its just the natural phenomenon of what is termed as- Growing Up!!!!

And this was sooo different.No friendship bands nothing.We just met up and we were "reliving" those moments....and in the end it turned out to be another typical my (former) type of Friendship's Day....cos' my neighbour, she came upto me...and held my hand,tied a friendship band and said...Happy Friendship's Day!!!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Don't tell me its true

I read an article recently....and I was AGHAST.It was regarding the use of human hair in commercial food especially the ones from the bakery.It does'nt stop with the use of human hair....but also the use of feathers from duck and chicken.

It seems the dough that is prepare to make pizzas,toasts,cakes,etc., when they are baked,the corners roll.This is where the human hair comes into picture.

The human hair,is dipped in Hydrochloric Acid,which recovers L-Cysteine.And the presence of this L-Cysteine prevent the rolling and also facilatates the movement of the dough through various bakery equipments.Does'nt the whole thing sound disgusting???

I lost the appetite for such stuffs the moment I read this.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Good Old Days!!!

My friends left to the U.S yesterday.I mean..........till then it was like....ok fine,they are leaving.But those last few minutes that I spent with them was really memorable.

It's like..........I've never felt this way before.It was very different.We've been togther for the past ten years.The amount of fun we had....can't be imagined.The conversations we've had,ranging from pin to porns!!!I know.........I can still keep in touch,thanks to technology, but its not going to be the same anymore.

Especially,the last few moments we guys spent together......we were just blank.We din't know what to talk.But one thing was for sure....... we'll miss each other like crazy.

Image hosted by
Sad and happy for 'em!!

Today morning I get up with the "hard" fact in my mind,that they are gone.But I jus kept saying to myself..........."Everything happens for good"!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Wat a day!!!

I stepped into T.Nagar.......I guess now everyone would agree on how apt my title was.Whew...I wonder from where people have the cash even at the end of the month.They seem to invest a lot on clothes.when I was walking down the road,I was thinking,probably like...if u climb the whole Great Wall of China,you will be awarded with a certificate,which serves as a proof that you have indeed climbed it fully.

I guess the authorities could have awarded me a certificate for manoeuvring the road succesfully!!!Truly........I deserved it!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

12 Angry Men

I watched a movie called "12 Angry Men".What a movie!!!Awesome Movie.The story line was very simple.The movie was directed really well and every frame of it,made sense and was very logical.A Henry Fonda starrer.

Image hosted by

The best part of the movie is,its shot in a single room.Throughout the course of the movie,it can't be realised.But in the end,when all the 12 men leave the room, the final glimpse of Fonda will suggest that the "whole thing" happened inside a room.

And U might wonder that there's no mention about the 11 men of the movie.As one of the members of the jury says, I don't remember the other people who acted in the movie", for which Fonda replies where

"I'm sure you were'nt under any emotional stress"
..........for which my reply is also 'YES'!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Resist the Temptation???

For the past few any paper or any magazine.....its all about Potter.And today is "THE" day.But the most saddest part is.......the book is in my sister's hand and its as if I'm playing a game of Quidditch,the book being the snitch. I'm unable to catch it.Even a Nimbus 2000 would'nt be of any help to me.

The only way out is ,to wait for my sister to finish it.So I decided to turn my attention (very difficult though) to MUSIC!!!

I sat and watched the videos of the recently held G8 concert.Liked the tagline -


Image hosted by

Was listening to Pink Floyd!! And seriously...wished "I was there".I miss Syd tooo.My all time favourite number is Comfortably Numb.

Even then couldn take Potter out of my mind.Remembered that I had my music class.And could'nt believe the fact that I was romancing Kambhoji for an hour.Then it was Nattakurinji's turn.A Blissful Feeling!!!!!!

Image hosted by Hope I catch it too!!!!

And now......still playing the game of Quidditch.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Smells like...................

Perfumes......have an interesting history!!!!! And a well established one tooo!!!! Perfumes...started as incense....and can be dated back to 4000 years.It was discovered by the Mesopotomians.Its history is entwined with evolution of the human race.

The word comes from Latin phrase for "per" meaning through and "fumus" meaning smoke.It came to be known as Parfum,as christened by the French.

During the Biblical times ,Perfumes were an esteemed commodity as seen from the frequent mentions in the New Testament

the three wise men carried gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant Jesus

Egyptians have said to have made it popular.They carried it right from their birth to the tomb.Cleopatra is said to have been pretty lavish with scents.Its said that-

clouds of perfume indicate her arrival before her barge comes into sight.
Romans have even gone to the extent of spraying essential oils on the animals.

Perfumes are basically made of specially denatured ethyl alcohol along with essential oils.There are various categories under perfumes ,like floral,oriental,chypre,fruit,green marine and floriental.

Its said to be a prized possession in every Woman's fragrance wardrobe.Infact,I myself am a parfum fanatic.I feel,Parfums define a person.It represents their personality.My collection includes parfums from Christian Dior,Gap and Burberry.There are always parfums which are said to be reserved for occassions.And there 's also a proper sequence that is to be followed while wearing a parfum.It should be worn in the pulse points to enhance the feel of it.

Well......this is my Prized Possession!! Image hosted by

Currently,its a billion dollar industry.In fact there was a recent article that I came across.In China,due to the overgrowing population,people who travel by trains,started complaining to the government regarding the problem of overcrowding.The solution which the Government is expected to offer is,increase in the number of rails,but in fact that din't happen. Instead, the Government asked the people to clean themselves atleast twice a order to combat body odour!!!!!!!

Smells funny rite!!!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Chakkani Raaja.....

Well...this is one of the most popular krithis in the world of Carnatic Music.This krithi is sung in Raagam Kharaharapriya set to Adhi Taala.This Thyagaraja Krithi is identified as the benchmark by the find out whether a musician is really capable of rendering Kutcheris.

Tracing back to the history about this raagam,it derives its name from a Raakshasa called 'HARAN' in Ramayana,meaning "slayer of Haraa".Hence it is called Kharaharapriya.Its the 22nd Mela Kartha Raagam.

Another highlight about this raagam is...Among the TRINITY,Saint Thyagaraaja alone had composed Krithis in Kharaharapriya.This krithi is so beautifully crafted and set to an apt raagam.

Chakkani means beautiful and Raaja means royal.The Pallavi of this Krithi says...O mind( Ooo Manasaa),Why do you have to think about the narrowest paths when you have the royal path to attain salvation.

And anybody who talks about this krithi,the Veteran who comes to their mind is Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer,popularly known as Semmangudi Mama.

Image hosted by

In fact he popularised the krithi and the kalapna swaras he renders are unimaginable.

Another highlight of this Krithis is,in olden days when there was this Poonu Parka Varadhu (Guy,seeking the Girls's hand,will visit her place with his family),the Girl is asked for her wish and which she expresses it through this song.When the Girl sings the first line of the Charanam..... "Kantiki Sunadara"(O, the one, who is pleasing to my eyes), 3 times, means she likes the guy.

Friday, July 08, 2005

My Journey!!!

Well I should have started this a long time back.But as usual......there's this thing called laziness that creeps in too often!I was still pondering over about what to write while walking down the road...when i realised that I should be starting with My Journey to my Bus Stop!!Sounds a bit weird....but is a Journey.

Well to start with...I ve been walking to my college bus stop,as it is called,for the past 4 years.It takes around 8 minutes from my place to reach the stop.And take that Fateful bus to reach the Fateful Place called College.Those 8 minutes....oh...can be really boring if there's no company.

In my first year....I had my friend....and both of us use to walk and gossip soooo much such that we wont even realise that we've reached.We've had terrible times too in the Bus stop.My bus stop seriously has Mad people.There was this guy.....who used to pop up from nowhere and stop people and ask them...what's the time?? Irrespective of the replies he got....he used to beat them with a stick or shoo them away!!And a mention about the drunkards is necessary....He scared us one having a bottle of wine in his hand and drinking it standing right in front of us ......that tooo.....early in the morning.Me and my friend,at the site of this act just dropped our Civil Engineering books....and just hid ourselves.

And yeah....bus stop is the place where we'll realise that we had to finish our records or assignments!!!Or bring a dumb Blazer.....on wearing it..will make us look professional it seems...Was our College's notion.And look at our professional attitude...we'll be too busy thinking about borrowing!!!!

All this fun...well....won't say stopped....rather....the pace slowed down when my friend left to stay in the hostel....I had a tough time.There was practically no company at all.Believe me........I've even dragged my dad to the bus stop because I used to get bored.Thought that was too much.So walked all alone to the bus stop....It would look like I have a journey of some 1000 miles ahead.I even started counting the number of shops.At one point of time....started to play with the numbers on the number plate...trying to multiply 2 four digit numbers....( I know) before the vehicle disappeared in the traffic.

Once I reach my stop, I had few of my seniors and we had a good time......which of course,lasted only for a few minutes cos by then the bus would come.And the next year........even they graduated...Again I felt like I was left in lurch.Even wished that my wolud end soon.

At the site of my bus....... the song by The Doors,used to keep ringing in my ears.... "The blue calling us!!!"

But now...........not anymore!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My first attempt!

This is my first attempt to blog.....but i promise....its an EARNEST one!!! And I'm still wondering where to start.

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