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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Chakkani Raaja.....

Well...this is one of the most popular krithis in the world of Carnatic Music.This krithi is sung in Raagam Kharaharapriya set to Adhi Taala.This Thyagaraja Krithi is identified as the benchmark by the find out whether a musician is really capable of rendering Kutcheris.

Tracing back to the history about this raagam,it derives its name from a Raakshasa called 'HARAN' in Ramayana,meaning "slayer of Haraa".Hence it is called Kharaharapriya.Its the 22nd Mela Kartha Raagam.

Another highlight about this raagam is...Among the TRINITY,Saint Thyagaraaja alone had composed Krithis in Kharaharapriya.This krithi is so beautifully crafted and set to an apt raagam.

Chakkani means beautiful and Raaja means royal.The Pallavi of this Krithi says...O mind( Ooo Manasaa),Why do you have to think about the narrowest paths when you have the royal path to attain salvation.

And anybody who talks about this krithi,the Veteran who comes to their mind is Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer,popularly known as Semmangudi Mama.

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In fact he popularised the krithi and the kalapna swaras he renders are unimaginable.

Another highlight of this Krithis is,in olden days when there was this Poonu Parka Varadhu (Guy,seeking the Girls's hand,will visit her place with his family),the Girl is asked for her wish and which she expresses it through this song.When the Girl sings the first line of the Charanam..... "Kantiki Sunadara"(O, the one, who is pleasing to my eyes), 3 times, means she likes the guy.


Kaushik Ramajayam said...

Chakkani Raaja is one of my Mom's favourite songs too... but I dunno whether she sung it at her "ponnu parthufying" ceremony - will ask her :) Anyway, nice start to your blog.. keep up the good work :)

vj nt said...

wellll... now i know what to ask when i meet up with u next time... make u sing this 'history-rich' raaga to me :)

Vikram H said...

hey, the whole thing sounded very complicated to me cos i have absolutely no idea abt classical music jargon!! :-(.. You gotta explain everything to me next time around!!

Vinesh said...

I did not know about the "ponnu paakra" angle to the Chakkani Raaja song. That was very sweet indeed :-)

In your blog profile, you mentioned you had no idea about what to write. Write about something you can talk really well about. Like Carnatic music. Bring out stories and anectodes.

I'm sure your blog will be a hit if you "target a specific audience", and once you win them, you will be encouraged to blog more.

Vinesh said...

And please work on your page template.

Zeppelin said...

hello..first time here.. from Orkut..

nice post.. lotsa cool facts... do u know any tfm songs in Ka.Ka.Priya ? do let me know @


~/rajesh/~ said...
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rajesh said...

thats a lot of trivia i dint know about karaharapriya !

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