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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Resist the Temptation???

For the past few any paper or any magazine.....its all about Potter.And today is "THE" day.But the most saddest part is.......the book is in my sister's hand and its as if I'm playing a game of Quidditch,the book being the snitch. I'm unable to catch it.Even a Nimbus 2000 would'nt be of any help to me.

The only way out is ,to wait for my sister to finish it.So I decided to turn my attention (very difficult though) to MUSIC!!!

I sat and watched the videos of the recently held G8 concert.Liked the tagline -


Image hosted by

Was listening to Pink Floyd!! And seriously...wished "I was there".I miss Syd tooo.My all time favourite number is Comfortably Numb.

Even then couldn take Potter out of my mind.Remembered that I had my music class.And could'nt believe the fact that I was romancing Kambhoji for an hour.Then it was Nattakurinji's turn.A Blissful Feeling!!!!!!

Image hosted by Hope I catch it too!!!!

And now......still playing the game of Quidditch.


Vinesh said...

Don't wait so much yaar.
Tell me if you want the E-book.
The complete Potter 6 book..

Kaushik Ramajayam said...

So, did you like the book (assuming you eventually got hold of it)?

P said...

yes! floyd were awesome at live 8! good to see them get back for such a good cause!

u should give led zep a listen!

Dhiraj said...

Too bad u missed it - I was there live in Hyde park, London, seeing the PF band coming togather after 16 yrs... yes Pigs can fly !!!

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