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Monday, July 25, 2005

12 Angry Men

I watched a movie called "12 Angry Men".What a movie!!!Awesome Movie.The story line was very simple.The movie was directed really well and every frame of it,made sense and was very logical.A Henry Fonda starrer.

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The best part of the movie is,its shot in a single room.Throughout the course of the movie,it can't be realised.But in the end,when all the 12 men leave the room, the final glimpse of Fonda will suggest that the "whole thing" happened inside a room.

And U might wonder that there's no mention about the 11 men of the movie.As one of the members of the jury says, I don't remember the other people who acted in the movie", for which Fonda replies where

"I'm sure you were'nt under any emotional stress"
..........for which my reply is also 'YES'!


Vinesh said...

You mean the whole movie was shot inside a single room???


Einsteinophile said...

@ vineshks: Yaaaaa....!!!!

Kaushik Ramajayam said...

Some trivia from IMDB:
As shooting of the film went on, director Sidney Lumet gradually changed to lenses of longer focal lengths, so that the backgrounds seemed to close in on the characters, creating a greater feeling of claustrophobia.
It worked for me!

Vinesh said...

Edhedho technical-a pesreenga.
Must watch the film to know for myself...
Where on earth am I gonna find it..?

Girl said...

Hey. Came here from Prashanth's blog.

I LOVE this movie. I love the fact that so much drama is put into one room, and how Henry Fonda sort of unravels how the boy is innocent.

Gripping stuff, well-drawn characters, and a film that is a lot like what Hitchcock would have liked to direct, but would have done very differently, I am sure. Glad you enjoyed it. : )

If you liked this, you may want to give Hitchcock's Rope a try. It's gripping, edge-of-your-seat stuff too, and also puts its characters in one room. What is really special about it is that, like IMDB says, "it was made up of several 8-minute continuous shots."

Divine Thoughts said...

where did u watch the movie? TCS, they show the movie in one of the sessions..

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