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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Will I ever feel like going to the beach?

Are we going to the beach today?
If it's the only place we can reach
Such lessons does life teach
Am going to screech.....
If you stick to me like a leech
I practice, not merely preach
Instead it tastes like a peach
Just one cheek or each?
So that you don't teach
Are you going to beseech?
Now you are at a loss for speech
I wonder how this state I did reach
From...beach is the only place that we could reach......

Trust me...this is one of the conversation(??!!) I had with,whom I would rather call an ally!! By this time you would've guessed the league to which we belong. :-)

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Had an opportunity to watch this movie Yamakasi-Les samouraïs des temps modernes, meaning, Yamakasi, the samurai(s) of the modern times. Thanks to the little bit of French that I've been learning so far.
The plot of this movie is pretty simple, am not elaborating it here, since I am not sure about the nuances to be kept in mind while writing a review for a movie. So who do you think are these Yamakasi? They are basically French practitioners who practise acrobatics. So how different is this from Parkour or Free running? The aim of Yamakasi is to reach point B from point A aesthetically providing complete freedom of movement. What Parkour does is, it focuses on how efficiently you can reach point B from point A. (Pretty much similar to a TSP!).

About the word origin, it sounded very Japanese, apparently it's a word from Lingala meaning strong spirit,strong energy.

Feel drained out? I would definitely suggest this movie! The music + the tactics + good dialogues (I watched it in French!)make this a wonderful movie to watch!!!! It truly lives up to its name...HIGH ENERGY.

So isn't it time that you aesthetically plunge into this?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Litter"ally junk!!

Been trying to write a post for quite a long time.The intention alone doesn't matter. Realised how lousy I've become...all this, while trying to fill up my appraisal(duh!!). Was unable to frame a single convincingly obfuscated statement that elaborates my deeds in length! Huh...sounds awful isn't it? (Both!)

Wondering what would've caused this? Lack of reading? Too much talking? Very little thinking? Laziness?

The next terrifying this that's been happening to me is, unable to get into a me, that's the worst feeling one can ever have :(. And when it comes to writing, get terrible blocks.........when I start framing things that I want to write, even before I can put them down.

This post is purely to overcome the horrible boulders that I have placed (consciously?!) in the stream of my thoughts which in turn has thwarted my words to permeate through and fall into the blue to form an interesting piece of "litter"ature!

Feel like lashing out your comments?? Oh, please do.....

P.S: This post is mainly to instill in myself the feeling that I CAN still write!

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