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Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Litter"ally junk!!

Been trying to write a post for quite a long time.The intention alone doesn't matter. Realised how lousy I've become...all this, while trying to fill up my appraisal(duh!!). Was unable to frame a single convincingly obfuscated statement that elaborates my deeds in length! Huh...sounds awful isn't it? (Both!)

Wondering what would've caused this? Lack of reading? Too much talking? Very little thinking? Laziness?

The next terrifying this that's been happening to me is, unable to get into a me, that's the worst feeling one can ever have :(. And when it comes to writing, get terrible blocks.........when I start framing things that I want to write, even before I can put them down.

This post is purely to overcome the horrible boulders that I have placed (consciously?!) in the stream of my thoughts which in turn has thwarted my words to permeate through and fall into the blue to form an interesting piece of "litter"ature!

Feel like lashing out your comments?? Oh, please do.....

P.S: This post is mainly to instill in myself the feeling that I CAN still write!


Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

8 months!! gosh, thought you had called it hows the new job?

Nandan said...

8 months, we can almost call this a pregnant pause :-p

not been able to get into a book can be bad for others also ;-) Please take the hint and get into THE book

Deepti said...

probably because you're missing me ? ;) ;)

Einsteinophile said...

@ Kausikram : Oh yeah, never realised that it's 8 months!!
@ Nandan : Yep, did get the hint. Haven't gone too far though :(
@ Deeps : Ahem...ahem...really? ;)

vijay raghav said...

hmmmm ...finally back to form !!

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