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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tortures that are both physical and mental is dental.

Title : Shamelessly quoting Nash.

Been creating a lot of ruckus of late about my "wisdom" (ahem) teeth. Yes. The phase has come in my life, where I was advised to get it removed. All the W's crossed my mind. But this time I wasn't bestowed with much of a choice since the tooth was hurting apart from displaying its affection for my cheek walls.

The first step of the onerous regime was visiting the dentist.(Am sure you understand what I meant by ruckus). The classical steps followed, like getting the scans done. The best part was, I'd undergone the scans part of it (for a different problem, of course) a few years back and the recommendations provided freaked me out, which was to get the molars surgically removed. So you can guess what followed. An act of disappearance! :-) I vowed never to step into that place again. But I guess the teeth be"spoke" my destiny this time, and it all came back to me with a BIG BANG (On a side note, fascinated by the TV series :-D).

This time there was no eschewing because of the superiority exercised by the "wisdom" teeth on me. Acquiescence was the only word. :-( I decided to take the first brave?! step by fixing an appointment to get one of the tooth extracted.

After the wait, when it was my turn to be seated on the chair, I was a little tensed (that's putting it mildly). When I was been given a shot of local anesthetic, my dentist just said one word - this is going to hurt just a little. My head started reeling and I was reminded of Ogden Nash's poem "This is going to hurt just a little bit". I was restless. There were a lot of dentures and teeth models lying around. It looked like all of those were laughing at me. But when the process of extraction started, I didn't realize the start or the end of it. It was over in a jiffy. Pretty unbelievable! All it takes is less than 30 secs to "pull" out the "wisdom".

Well, its not over yet. There's one more round of extraction. The day will come soon when I'll be devoid of all the "wisdom" teeth. It's not too far. That will indicate the time for my next post.

Just a note of advice - Don't be callous towards this calcareous structure. There's no gain without pain!

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