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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Founded in 1864,"this" started as a paper industry near "this" river in Finland. A Finnish engineer,Fredrik Idestam.In his initial years, he wasn't well-versed in this,so he acquired the technology from Germans.He learnt it all by convincing the workers of the manufacturing plant to show him the details.

When he came back to Finland, he created his own paper manufacturing plant.In 1867, he was awarded the Bronze Medal for his wood pulp invention in the Paris Wood Exposition.After this everyone knew "this", so he started putting "this" brand on all products. And when the company started offering some new products after a few years, he was still putting "this" brand on all of them.

Later on, "this" joined hands with two other companies called Finnish Rubber Works (FRW) and Finnish Cable Works.So paper, rubber and cables were sold under "this" brand.

But currently,"this" is famous for "Connecting People"?????????????!!!!!

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Nokia's Old Logo

Monday, October 17, 2005

Enterprise Java Beans

Yeah...this post is the result of the training that I am currently undergoing.A little bit of curiosity to learn more about Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).As usual,googled a bit.Got loads of information regarding EJB.

Was also trying the Image search,when I landed up with this picture for EJB!

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

My game of Pool

Hooooraaay!!Atlaast played a game of Pool today.Found the game really interesting,and it involved lots of concentration.And to top it all,it was FUN.

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Pool Table

Basically games like Pool,Snooker, all these belong to the Billiards Family.And the game of Pool,was initially played as as off-track game,in the race courses.This is because lots of money was "pooled" in.Hence the name Pool.

The stick with which the game is played is called the cue stick.About the balls,there is one white ball called the cue ball,and the rest are the object balls.In the object balls,there are two sets,solid colored and striped ones.The angle at which the cue stick is held and the player's posture counts a lot.Believe me! This is what I learnt.Thanks to Buffy-buffy,Dipsy and Spidey!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

How To Steal A Million

I watched this movie,How to steal a million yesterday! Celebrating my weekend.And I am sure I chose the best way to celebrate.Lovely movie.

This movie is directed by William Wyler,the guy who directed Roman Holiday.This movie was supposed to be a 'sequel-types' to Roman Holiday.And Gregory Peck was to play the lead.

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Peter'O Toole & Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn and Peter'O Toole have done a fantastic job.This movie's highlight is,it has very simple dialogues but believe me,beautiful ones.The chemistry between them is really really cute.Both of them STEAL the show.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


This article is not about the musical band but a Hindu Sage called Narada.More popularly known as Kalahapriya, Kalaham meaning fight.He loves starting fights between people.Hence the phrase "naradar velai"!

Did you know that,Narada is a very great musician???

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As the legend goes,Saint Thyagaraja was blessed by Narada.And he even composed a krithi called "Narada Muni" in praise of Narada. For those who have attended atleast one Carnatic Kutcheri, you would have noticed the musicians singing raagam.Not so ardent listeners would term it as-"Tha ra na".Its nothing but a dedication to the Greatest Musician "Narada".indicating the syllables in his name.

That's why instead of singing a raagam in terms of "aa" (which of course they do) but its mostly "tha-ra-na"!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Table Tennis

Table Tennis!!! My latest craze.

Well,my first guru from whom I learnt the game was, my Physics teacher (in school).Its really an interesting game.And requires swift reflexes.This game was originally called "Whiff-whaff", which later became "Ping-Pong" and now -Table Tennis.

This game has an interesting history.This game ,mimicks Tennis!.The game of Table Tennis,used to be played as a past-time during the dinner parties in England.There weren't any nets,instead simple objects,like the cork of a bottle were used!

But later,developed into a popular sport and even gained an entry into Olympics. Wondering why this srticle creeped into my blog all of a sudden??? Well...its a part of "my" Corporate World!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Suitable Boy

Wanted to post my next entry after reading this book "A Suitable Boy"!

A very beautiful book,set in the post-independence era.This 1349 page saga,this number is suggestive enough to indicate that,it's one of the longest novels in English! And I'm proud that -I HAVE READ IT! :)

Image hosted by      The Cover

The author of this novel,Vikram Seth,has given vivid images of all the places that has appeared in this novel.This novel clearly displays Seth's knowledge about India. All the characters in this novel are soooo lively.The portrayal is really good.Though this novel runs to around 1300 pages,there's not much of a deviation.The story just runs through all the pages of the book,unlike other books,where it'll be in chunks.

The best thing about this novel is,it was supposed to be a short story!

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