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Monday, October 10, 2005

Table Tennis

Table Tennis!!! My latest craze.

Well,my first guru from whom I learnt the game was, my Physics teacher (in school).Its really an interesting game.And requires swift reflexes.This game was originally called "Whiff-whaff", which later became "Ping-Pong" and now -Table Tennis.

This game has an interesting history.This game ,mimicks Tennis!.The game of Table Tennis,used to be played as a past-time during the dinner parties in England.There weren't any nets,instead simple objects,like the cork of a bottle were used!

But later,developed into a popular sport and even gained an entry into Olympics. Wondering why this srticle creeped into my blog all of a sudden??? Well...its a part of "my" Corporate World!


Anonymous said...

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Vikram H said...

Well it looks like you're gonna have table tennis on your resume pretty soon! ;)

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