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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Founded in 1864,"this" started as a paper industry near "this" river in Finland. A Finnish engineer,Fredrik Idestam.In his initial years, he wasn't well-versed in this,so he acquired the technology from Germans.He learnt it all by convincing the workers of the manufacturing plant to show him the details.

When he came back to Finland, he created his own paper manufacturing plant.In 1867, he was awarded the Bronze Medal for his wood pulp invention in the Paris Wood Exposition.After this everyone knew "this", so he started putting "this" brand on all products. And when the company started offering some new products after a few years, he was still putting "this" brand on all of them.

Later on, "this" joined hands with two other companies called Finnish Rubber Works (FRW) and Finnish Cable Works.So paper, rubber and cables were sold under "this" brand.

But currently,"this" is famous for "Connecting People"?????????????!!!!!

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Nokia's Old Logo


Anonymous said...

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Kaushik Ramajayam said...

Nokia :-) The best cell phones around. (I've told you what I think of the Sony Ericsson, haven't I?)

Vikram H said... here's somebody who has really been doing some 'research'!!

Ranga said...

Nice Fundae!!!! And its ob dat Nokia has a background behind it.... d best mobile phone currently............

sai thilak said...

Informative....Nokia - the most user friendly fone. That makes it super hit.

sai thilak said...

Hi i have blogrolled you in my blog... try chkin mine too.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Wikipedia in full form huh? anyways good one..


Ashok said...

Suprising bugs can be so informative

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