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Sunday, November 06, 2005

I've been doing this.....

I've been watching lotsa movies!!Oh.....multi-lingual too!!
Amelie A French movie!
Run Lola Run A German movie!(Oh yeah...I understand a bit of German!)
Before Sunrise A very beautiful movie!
Seven Samurai A Japanese Movie!
GodFather-I Woow!!Brando and Pacino,they rock!
Notting Hill Started watching it,but din't like it.
KungFu Hustle It's in Mandarin!
DDLJ Hindi!! :)
Read Damsel in Distress-PGW !Currently reading Athabasca.


Anonymous said...

Hey how are you? I was searching the net and looking for sites involoving pharmaceutical. I am currently unsure if your site is exactly what I'm for, but I have to admit, it caught my interest. I'm glad I stopped by. Great post! Thanks for your time!

Kaushik Ramajayam said...

What's Athabasca about? Thought it was some kind of Fantasy novel... googled, but couldn't find any book with that title...

sai thilak said...

vaera vaela vetti illama thaan ur seeing lots of movies and that too puriyadha bashai la ! :)

Einsteinophile said...

@ Kaushik: It's a novel by AListair Mc Lean!

@ Sai:Hey...better than doing nothing at all.

NIRMAL said...

i dont know whether this can be considered as post

tomorrow you will write
i eat in the morning
go to office in bus
evening return home in bus
and sleep in bed..

vetti da nee

Einsteinophile said...

@ Nirmal :Tht was to prevent my blog frm being a COBWEB! :)

Lost in trance... said...

Amelie n K Hustle r so colorful...Notting Hill is too, sad you didnt.

ranga said...

Lotsa movies ...... Wat do u tink my comment for dis wud be ;)

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