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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Lux recently celebrated 75 years of their brand.They wanted to make it special so they roped in Sharukh Khan to do a commercial for them.Well,he is the second male model for Lux.Paul Newman being the first one!

Image hosted by
SRK with Hema Malini(1970's),Sridevi(1980's),Juhi Chawla(1990's),Kareena! ............Through the ages!!!

The recent most commercial with SRK,done by J Walter Thompson,in which Khan talks about "beauty secrets" sitting in a bath-tub with petals.I can understand that HLL wanted to do something really different.But why a male model?? Is it some kind of a MS thing???....!!!! The best part is,he doesn't use the soap in the ad.Which makes the ad very different???!!!!???

About the history,the word Lux was derived from 'LUXURY'.There had been a number of stars who have modeled for Lux.The first Indian model was Leela Chitnis.And then comes the host of stars like Hema Malini,Sridevi,Juhi Chawla,Kareena and....... so on.

The interesting fact is, a star from South-India too has modeled for Lux! It's none other than Jayalalithaa!!!


ada-paavi!!!! said...

there were mroe than 1 southindian actress, i think madhavi (of tillu mullu fame) also modelled for lux.

but the reason for sharukh i cannot understand, they like trying get men to use the soap?? beats all logic

NIRMAL said...

Wel gone are the days beauty was associated with women and girls..

nowadays we find men with hair colouring ..face lift ups..some wierd creams to lift hair..etc..

probably they want indian men to use DOVE or LUX soaps...

all are marketing stratergies..
soon u may find Rahul Dravid in fair et lovely ad..
who knows..?

ranga said...

well.... Ms??? i feel Ms has had its share its time for ppl to get out of Ms and beauty are associated more than d other...prob beauticians r bored wit women....:)

The Hijacker said...

Here are some trivia

1)3 outta 5 indians (includes men) enjoy the luxurious bathing pleasure of Lux

2)32% of fair and lovely cream users in India are men!

so i dont find any surprise with the ad!

P.S : Women are no longer THE FAIRER SEX!

The Hijacker said...

I dont get one thing.. lux was launched in 1929... well, am i gettin my maths right??

Einsteinophile said...

@ Vatsan : Yeah...there were a lotta south Indians!! But y SRK?? :)
@Nirmal: :)
@ ranga : Beauticians r bored eh???
@ Rajesh :Yeah...they do...but here in the ad,SRK deosn't use it.

Deepti said...

personally... i really liked the ad with shah rukh... beauty is no more the prerogative of the feminine gender.. guy's go in for waxing, threading, facials, etc., near my place there are more men's beauty parlours than ladies!!

and anyways.. check out the way in which in one shot they make it clear the LUX is meant for both guys and girls, dudess!!!!! very efficient... quite admired the neutrality approach!!

~raj said...

probably you should understand the advt that seeing those females, srk also wants to become a luxy girl !

Vinesh said...

SRK in the tub was The Comedy of 2005!!

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