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Saturday, October 15, 2005

How To Steal A Million

I watched this movie,How to steal a million yesterday! Celebrating my weekend.And I am sure I chose the best way to celebrate.Lovely movie.

This movie is directed by William Wyler,the guy who directed Roman Holiday.This movie was supposed to be a 'sequel-types' to Roman Holiday.And Gregory Peck was to play the lead.

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Peter'O Toole & Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn and Peter'O Toole have done a fantastic job.This movie's highlight is,it has very simple dialogues but believe me,beautiful ones.The chemistry between them is really really cute.Both of them STEAL the show.


Nandan said...

Ya it's a delightful movie. too bad they dont make movies like this any more

Vikram H said...

man...u should have mentioned the fact that it's supposed to be a sequel to Roman Holiday before! I'm gonna watch it right away....

Einsteinophile said...

@ Nandan : Wish they wud learn a lesson soon :(
@ Vikram H: U better watch it now! :)

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