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Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Suitable Boy

Wanted to post my next entry after reading this book "A Suitable Boy"!

A very beautiful book,set in the post-independence era.This 1349 page saga,this number is suggestive enough to indicate that,it's one of the longest novels in English! And I'm proud that -I HAVE READ IT! :)

Image hosted by      The Cover

The author of this novel,Vikram Seth,has given vivid images of all the places that has appeared in this novel.This novel clearly displays Seth's knowledge about India. All the characters in this novel are soooo lively.The portrayal is really good.Though this novel runs to around 1300 pages,there's not much of a deviation.The story just runs through all the pages of the book,unlike other books,where it'll be in chunks.

The best thing about this novel is,it was supposed to be a short story!


Vikram H said...

I was telling someone about this novel very recently!! And now, u have read it??!!

But it was surprising that it was supposed to be a short story!!!

refinance said...


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