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Sunday, September 25, 2005

I'm back!

I guess that was too long a hiatus from the world of blogging.Guess who's back, back again!! is the song that strikes me at this juncture.

I recently read a book called Man and Superman ,subtitled A comedy and Philosophy,by G.B.Shaw.Was a wonderful book,I thoroughly enjoyed it.Well,the word Superman of the title,is derived from the writings of Freidrich Neitzsche.

The other book I read,rather re-read was, Surely You're Joking Mr.Feynman!!!An awesome book and I would classify it under the must-read category.The whole book was in simple terms,but the underlying thoughts were...really Fantastic! Wat a physicist- Feynman is! Image hosted by Especially the chapters about cracking the safes,called "Safecracker meets Safecracker" was too good. My favourite verse is, about the problem on introspection:

I wonder why.I wonder why. I wonder why I wonder. I wonder why I wonder why. I wonder why I wonder!


Vikram H said...

i'm back in chennai too! :)...I totally agree with you on the book! Gotta re-read it soon!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder,I wonder,I wonder, how does she get the time to do so much stuff in such a tight schedule.Nyway, congrats on the chn posting!RJ

Anonymous said...

Try his other book - "What Do You Care What Other People Think?..."..It's equally amazing, reveals the mind of a master problem-solver working on the Challenger disaster committee..


Einsteinophile said...

@ Anon1 : Thank you!
@ Arunz : Heard abt it...but haven't read it...will try layin my hands on it!

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