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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


This article is not about the musical band but a Hindu Sage called Narada.More popularly known as Kalahapriya, Kalaham meaning fight.He loves starting fights between people.Hence the phrase "naradar velai"!

Did you know that,Narada is a very great musician???

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As the legend goes,Saint Thyagaraja was blessed by Narada.And he even composed a krithi called "Narada Muni" in praise of Narada. For those who have attended atleast one Carnatic Kutcheri, you would have noticed the musicians singing raagam.Not so ardent listeners would term it as-"Tha ra na".Its nothing but a dedication to the Greatest Musician "Narada".indicating the syllables in his name.

That's why instead of singing a raagam in terms of "aa" (which of course they do) but its mostly "tha-ra-na"!


Adaengappa !! said...

Interesting..thanks for the info !!

Vikram H said...

My god!! That's quite a revelation! If at all I attend a classical concert in the future, i shall try to figure that out!

Einsteinophile said...

@ adengappa : :)
@ Vikram : Sure...keep watchin out for this.Do tell me when u r plannin to atted one!

Suraj said...

cute trivia. Also did you know that when they do Tanam in a carnatic concert they keep repeating the words 'ta..nam.. ta.. nam...'. It is supposedly derived from the term 'anantha' (the name of Vishnu). When you keep repeating 'anantha' over and over, it sounds like 'tanam' and it came to be 'tanam'.

I heard this at a lecture demo at Parthasarathy Swami Sabha during last year's music season. :)

Einsteinophile said...

@ Suraj : Hey thanx for the info! :)

ranga said...

hmmmm nice piece of info.... wonder how it ll be to hear u doing it:)

NIRMAL said...

wow u talk abt
was some one in ur mind when u wrote this

suseen said...

Looking at things always as a realist and pragmatist - Narada is a genius middleman used by the author to kindle the reasoning part of the brain, before he explains or puts forth a divine concept.
His stories are one of my favourites.

Nice blog - very interesting.

P.S. Came here thru orkut

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