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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Will I ever feel like going to the beach?

Are we going to the beach today?
If it's the only place we can reach
Such lessons does life teach
Am going to screech.....
If you stick to me like a leech
I practice, not merely preach
Instead it tastes like a peach
Just one cheek or each?
So that you don't teach
Are you going to beseech?
Now you are at a loss for speech
I wonder how this state I did reach
From...beach is the only place that we could reach......

Trust me...this is one of the conversation(??!!) I had with,whom I would rather call an ally!! By this time you would've guessed the league to which we belong. :-)


Vikram H said...

Aaargh! This is tooooooooo much!!

Siddharth said...

well... too many things to say. but i completely understand.. urge you to go on for a little bit longer with you eeech rhyme.. i know you can ;-) c'mon..

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