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Friday, July 08, 2005

My Journey!!!

Well I should have started this a long time back.But as usual......there's this thing called laziness that creeps in too often!I was still pondering over about what to write while walking down the road...when i realised that I should be starting with My Journey to my Bus Stop!!Sounds a bit weird....but is a Journey.

Well to start with...I ve been walking to my college bus stop,as it is called,for the past 4 years.It takes around 8 minutes from my place to reach the stop.And take that Fateful bus to reach the Fateful Place called College.Those 8 minutes....oh...can be really boring if there's no company.

In my first year....I had my friend....and both of us use to walk and gossip soooo much such that we wont even realise that we've reached.We've had terrible times too in the Bus stop.My bus stop seriously has Mad people.There was this guy.....who used to pop up from nowhere and stop people and ask them...what's the time?? Irrespective of the replies he got....he used to beat them with a stick or shoo them away!!And a mention about the drunkards is necessary....He scared us one having a bottle of wine in his hand and drinking it standing right in front of us ......that tooo.....early in the morning.Me and my friend,at the site of this act just dropped our Civil Engineering books....and just hid ourselves.

And yeah....bus stop is the place where we'll realise that we had to finish our records or assignments!!!Or bring a dumb Blazer.....on wearing it..will make us look professional it seems...Was our College's notion.And look at our professional attitude...we'll be too busy thinking about borrowing!!!!

All this fun...well....won't say stopped....rather....the pace slowed down when my friend left to stay in the hostel....I had a tough time.There was practically no company at all.Believe me........I've even dragged my dad to the bus stop because I used to get bored.Thought that was too much.So walked all alone to the bus stop....It would look like I have a journey of some 1000 miles ahead.I even started counting the number of shops.At one point of time....started to play with the numbers on the number plate...trying to multiply 2 four digit numbers....( I know) before the vehicle disappeared in the traffic.

Once I reach my stop, I had few of my seniors and we had a good time......which of course,lasted only for a few minutes cos by then the bus would come.And the next year........even they graduated...Again I felt like I was left in lurch.Even wished that my wolud end soon.

At the site of my bus....... the song by The Doors,used to keep ringing in my ears.... "The blue calling us!!!"

But now...........not anymore!

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Vinesh said...

Good start!

If you are serious about blogging, I can help you. Jus let me know..

Hope to see you often in my blog too..

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