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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Smells like...................

Perfumes......have an interesting history!!!!! And a well established one tooo!!!! Perfumes...started as incense....and can be dated back to 4000 years.It was discovered by the Mesopotomians.Its history is entwined with evolution of the human race.

The word comes from Latin phrase for "per" meaning through and "fumus" meaning smoke.It came to be known as Parfum,as christened by the French.

During the Biblical times ,Perfumes were an esteemed commodity as seen from the frequent mentions in the New Testament

the three wise men carried gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant Jesus

Egyptians have said to have made it popular.They carried it right from their birth to the tomb.Cleopatra is said to have been pretty lavish with scents.Its said that-

clouds of perfume indicate her arrival before her barge comes into sight.
Romans have even gone to the extent of spraying essential oils on the animals.

Perfumes are basically made of specially denatured ethyl alcohol along with essential oils.There are various categories under perfumes ,like floral,oriental,chypre,fruit,green marine and floriental.

Its said to be a prized possession in every Woman's fragrance wardrobe.Infact,I myself am a parfum fanatic.I feel,Parfums define a person.It represents their personality.My collection includes parfums from Christian Dior,Gap and Burberry.There are always parfums which are said to be reserved for occassions.And there 's also a proper sequence that is to be followed while wearing a parfum.It should be worn in the pulse points to enhance the feel of it.

Well......this is my Prized Possession!! Image hosted by

Currently,its a billion dollar industry.In fact there was a recent article that I came across.In China,due to the overgrowing population,people who travel by trains,started complaining to the government regarding the problem of overcrowding.The solution which the Government is expected to offer is,increase in the number of rails,but in fact that din't happen. Instead, the Government asked the people to clean themselves atleast twice a order to combat body odour!!!!!!!

Smells funny rite!!!!!

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