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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Currently Reading....

I am currently reading this book called "THE WORLD IS FLAT",by Thomas.L.Friedman.It is a book which talks about GLOBALISATION.

There was this aspect,that struck me.The author has a suggestion for all the Developing countries in this world.He says-Like how we have something called Alcoholic Anonymous(A.C),we should be having something called -Developing Countries Anonymous(D.A.C).He says,each country should be BRUTALLY HONEST while introspecting.(Very beautiful!!)

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The book is presented really well, but all I could think about was,the parts about INDIA.He analyses the state of many of the Developing countries,in which he talks about India. He says -

"On the Chinese streest,there's no rule of law,but the roads are well paved;there are no potholes,and the streetlights all work.On the Indian streets,by contrast,no one ever reapirs the streetlights,the roads are full of ruts,but the police are sticklers for the rules.You need license to open a lemonade stand on the Indian streets.Luckily the local cops can be bribed."

It's extremely saddening to know,this BITTER truth.


P said...

still havent read this book! I need to borrow it from you! But his first two books were nice- Lexus and the Olive tree (again all about globalization) and Attitudes and Longitudes (essays post 9/11)

I like krugman more though!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

think i need to get my hands on this book, being a wanna be economist its kinda sad i still havent read this book

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