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Monday, December 26, 2005


Me is writing this post from a CUBE FARM, trying to calculate the BEVAMETER.

Wondering what this is????Don't bother flipping a dictionary to find out what it is.

Well,these are called the SNIGLETS.It is a word that should be in the dictionary, but isn't!! The guy who invented it was Richard Hall, of The David Letterman Show fame.These are words to define concepts that have no official meaning.So a CUBE FARM is an office filled with cubicles and BEVAMETER is the distance you can lift your beverage from the table before the coaster that is stuck to it falls off.

Found a few Techie Sniglets!!
Zen mail is an e-mail message that arrives without text in the message body.
Crapplet is a poorly written or totally useless Java applet.
Gadaboutag is an orphan HTML tag that's messing up your page.
Animousity is to vigorously click the pointer device because a page is loading too slowly.
Screen spasm occurs as a result of animousity.The pages that try to load simultaneously on your computer screen.

P.S : Ignosecond is seeing yourself about to do something stupid but going ahead with it.But my SNIGLET is Igno'no'second!


Anonymous said...

Hey you know something.... I cudnt find the word sniglets or sniglet itself in the dictionary!!! Chk out the site lots of more interesting sniglets.


Vikram H said...

lol...this is too damn hilarious!..Everything said and done, its the natives who come up with new variations of their own languages, always!!

ranga said...

well,i has animousity and screen spasms in reading ur blog... how gud r u in craplets????

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