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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Independence Day!

Well....tomorrow we are celebrating the 58th year of Independence!!!

Happy Independence Day!!
During my school days,we used to have this Independence Day celebrations.Actually,I learnt a lot about the Freedom Struggle,our Leaders and about Patriotism from the plays that were being staged.All these instilled in me a sense of belonging to this country.

One of my activities on Independence Day was to watch the movie Roja that was aired on Doordarshan.They made it a practise to air that movie on 15th of August,every year.I don't know why,but it made sense!!Especially,the song Thamizha Thamizha,wow!! it gives me goosepimples,every time I listen to it.

Was watching a Tamil movie the other day called Kapalottiya Thamizhan,it was such an inspiring movie.Shivaji had donned the role of Va.U.Chidambaranar(Kapalottiya Thamizhan) and portrayed the "struggle" for Independence!!

But the sad part is,nowadays they don't broadcast such "patriotic" movies and instead play some new flick....that din't even do well in the box office.Its that,why don't they play some of the movies or some archived material on freedom struggle??Else I feel the cliched saying will come true-

Did a man like Gandhi,ever live???


Vikram H said...

i wholeheartedly agree!! Infact i was,only yesterday, listening to all the songs of Roja and my goose pimples,as usual,didnt fail me! But dont remember much abt 'Kappalotiya Thamizhan' cos its been quite a looong time since i watched it!!

Deepti said...

we would have been better off 'if a man like gandhi never lived!'

Anonymous said...

well i find movies lik lakshya lot more inspiring but still d tamizha tamizha song is one of d best in its kind it makes u proud!!!!!!!!

Dhiraj said...

aha - referencing gandhi - i think he did no good to us - only bad - worse of it all my history book would have been 6 chapters less if it were not for the great man himself !!!

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