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Monday, August 08, 2005

Dis"BAND" ??????

Yesterday was Friendship's Day!!Well...Happy Friendship's Day to everyone who's reading this!!!I was reminded of my school days(sounds like....romba varusham munnadi......soo many years back..well its 4 years back to be precise).We used to have this ritual of tying bands called the friendship band to all our friends.

The best part will happen only the day before...All of us...with our "saved up" pocket money will go to a shop....and will spend hours together on trying to choose the proper one.

In'll be like,this friend of mine likes black,so this one is for her,and this yellow one is for her and so on.And we'll be interested in certain bands so we'll ask the other person to get it ......and announcements will be made..."This is for me!! I've reserved it!! :)

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I know...all sounds really funny!!But...I've cherished all those moments!!And its just the natural phenomenon of what is termed as- Growing Up!!!!

And this was sooo different.No friendship bands nothing.We just met up and we were "reliving" those moments....and in the end it turned out to be another typical my (former) type of Friendship's Day....cos' my neighbour, she came upto me...and held my hand,tied a friendship band and said...Happy Friendship's Day!!!


Deepti said...

dont even remind me!! the measure of popularity was the sum of the widths of the bands on your hand back when i was in school! prefer the laid back approach of today. Instead of celebrating a single day, you celebrate every moment together with your freinds!! the way we do, moron!!!;)

Vikram H said...

well, my friends and i never had this habit of expressing our 'LOU' for each other by making the shopkeeper richer! The very concept of friendship bands sounded very alien to us!...Infact im not even able to recall spending a single frienship's day with any close buddies!! :D

Anonymous said...

hey some tings r always understood and not expressed..... valentine's day wud b a better option to spend ur money !!!!!!!!! :)

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