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Monday, August 27, 2007

Hello hello....!!

Amazing!! Here is the reason behind why we start a conversation with a 'Hello'!!

Source : "Vowel sounds are made by using the mouth as a resonating cavity, and distinguished from each other by such things as the position of the tongue, which changes the resonance. Since vocal cavities vary in size, we can understand a person's vowels only in relation to their other vowels. The pitch of a large man and a small child are very different. In fact, a larger person's high vowel in "see" could have the same pitch as a smaller person's low vowel in "saw."
Humans are amazingly good at understanding speech, and only need about two syllables to pick up a speaker's vocal range. This means that the first two syllables in a conversation will generally not be understood, and this is particularly true on the phone where the listener has no cue as to the speaker's size."

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Ranga said...

All i can think after reading ur post is the DISTINCT Halllooo u say wen u pick up t phone... and its quite hilarious too, i mean ur hello :)

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