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Monday, January 08, 2007

December Season - Part-II

The second set of kutcheris ( music concerts) that I attended were that of Sriram Gangadharan and Aruna Sayeeram at the Music Academy.

Sriram Gangadharan's kutcheri started off with sree gaNapathi nee in sOwrAshtram.The second one was rAmanAtham bhajeham in poorvikalyAni,and Adi tAlam 2-kalai.Then came nilAmbari like a gentle breeze. The krithi was brovavamma in Misra chApu.This was followed by a storm!bHairavi!bAlagOpalA. Was rendered very beautifully.Next in the platter was a Raagam-Taanam-Pallavi(RTP) in nAttakurinji in misra gathi misra chapu.The pallavi that was handled was "rAma shrirAma pattabHirAma dasharathabAla" .This was followed by a rAgamAlika containing kedAragoulai,dhanyAsi,kalyAni,AndolikA and AnandabHairavi.His diction was really the thing to be noted.He was accompanied by B.Sivaraman on the Mridangam,Charumathi Raguraman on the Violin and Anirudh Athreya on the Kanjira.

Aruna Sayeeram's started off with sAveri varnam,adi tAlam.The accompaniments -S.Karthik on the Ghatam,H.N.Bhaskar on the violin and J.Vaidyanathan on the Mridangam.The next was a krithi is vAgadEshwari,paramAtmulu velige.The next one was sudhA mayi in amruthavarshini. It was mind blowing!!The next one was in Tamil. Vandeenam uzhalum solai in tOdi.Then came the classic O rangasAyee in khAmbOji.Then there was this traditional rendition, kAna vendAmo in AbhOgi.The Raagam-Taanam-Pallavi was in madhyamAvati.It was very enjoyable.The pallavi being bhAgyada lakshmi bAramma nammammA nee sow.It was in fact a rAgamAlikA describing ashtalakshmis.It contained kalyAni ( describing Adilakshmi ),kurinji ( describing dhAnyalakshmi ),atAna ( describing dhairyalakshmi ),mOhanam ( describing gajalakshmi ),sahAnA ( describing santhAnalakshmi ),ranjani ( describing vijayalakshmi ),bHairavi ( describing aishwaryalakshmi )and lalitha ( describing dhanalakshmi ).This was followed by an abhang in hindOlam,sAvale sundara. The final piece was a themmAngu. Audiences' choice. It was in senjurutti, mAdu meykkum kaNNe.On the whole it was a brilliant concert!


NIRMAL said...


its nice to see u blogging back.
hope u dont stop december season with part 2.

when are u going to sing on the dias in such december kutcheris??

Vikram H said...

well...ummm....good....the thing is, i cant make out head or tail of all the kutcheri-talk within the blogs!

but good to see that you've restarted blogging!

Einsteinophile said...

@ Nirmal & Vikram : Thank You! :)

vijay raghav said...

hmmm ...have you heard abt the five Peace Band ..i mean Shankar Mahadevan , Zakir hussain , U shrinivas , Selavaganesh vinayakam,John Mc laughlin ....its awesome !!! ..will share wid u wen i come to chennai

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