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Monday, April 02, 2007


The number 18 seems to have lots of interesting facts associated with it.
Here we go.......

1. The book Catch-22 was originally titled 'Catch-18'.
2. The number of holes in the game of golf (a stipulated game,though).
3. Ulysses (James Joyce) is divided into 18 chapters.
4. Not to forget our Bhagavad Gita.
5. Mahabarata, which was fought for 18 days involving 18 armies.
6. Canons error message,called E18, which might cause the camera to crash!
7. The RIGHTS that a teen enjoys,on turning 18!
8. Lastly,not to forget my contribution to this number -
Its 18 days since I blogged!! :)


Mark Isuak said...

good good you are getting back to form next time make it 8 days :)

Vikram H said...

...wannabe 18 till i die!!! :-D

Kannan said...

nice writing.....i added in my fav...

Deepak said...

I hope that your next blog doesn't have to wait another 365 days ;)

Nyways, it was a nice trivia about Catch-22 .. didn't know that.

Deepak said...

By the way.. went through a few older ones.. really nice I must say...

I would suggest u have some kinda older posts (link) in ur page is a major usability issue, if u try to navigate to ur older posts otherwise..

K.. despite the gyan.. i was wondering if we could blog-exchange.
mine is

let me know ..

Deepak said...

Shantaram.. nothing short of a master-piece.
My first novel was Papillon, who also borders upon similar lines (convict escapes prison and starts his life) stuff.. I read that one 3 times, each time loving it more..

SHANTARAM.. is in fact easily 100 times better than papillon
I think that should suffice

Deepak said...

I must say... I have currently become a major fan of ur writings.. or what can be classified as "short and smart"

I never realized that gals could be nerdy, techi or geeky ...

no offense but of all the posts by any gals.. it would mostly be about emotions, how my day went.. blah blah .. et all..

but somehow I didn't find any posts like that.. instead i found about Nokia, IMDB.. wow..

frankly u made my day.. now i have to get back to studies :(

Deepak said...

By the way.. have linked ur blog in mine ..

now ur chance to link back madam... would prefer u use my nick "ALPHA" or "DEEP"

ranga said...

Catch-22 or rather catch-18 is awesome... hmmm i like this post a lot, prob cos it got catch-22 in it or is written by a slightly crazy person :P, good going!!!!

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