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Monday, January 09, 2006


Two days back,I just switched on my comp( to KEEP UP my WORD!!):), but there was no display.Thought it might be a cable fault, so changed the cord. And wow! that worked.But it said 'Disk Read Error Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.

Cross verified it by trying to boot from a CD. HARD DISK..... has gone for a toss :(

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Okay,the basic reason why I started writing this post is - MY COMP CONSPIRED AGAINST ME IN KEEPING UP MY RESOULUTION (also without the 1024 X 768.....forgive me for the PJ,(Ahem!!)as long as it is not a p+ij!!)


Vikram H said...

hey guess what, my harddisk showed the same problem today morning!!!!!! I freaked out!!..and then i made a few adjustments inside the cabinet and it was up and running!..But im still wary and am gonna take a backup of all important stuff!!

sai thilak said...

eppadi ungalala mattum intha maari mokkai poda mudiyaruthu... ;)

Kaushik Ramajayam said...

Thaangala... Keep it up! :P

The Hijacker said...

FYI ctrl+alt+del was patched by David Bradley, an IBM employee!

Anonymous said...

i second Sai's view
eppidiga ungaluku mattum eppidi lam blog panna thonudu...

deisengi busla neenga thungunga

Einsteinophile said...

@ Vikram : I know! All IMPORTANT stuffs!!
@ Sai: Talent!! :)
@ Kaushik : Thank u!
@ Rajesh: Yeah... Have read abt him.
@ Anon :The same 'Talent!' :)

Deepti said...

back in form , my girl ? sometimes i'm glad i meet u only virtually these days!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

"Mokkai Rani" is back!!! guys search for places to hide urself!!!!


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