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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Was wanting to blog about this for a very long time.It is about the character that Vikram played in his movie called Anniyan. I din't realise that this character had a wiiiddeee...... and a hhhuuuuuugggeeeee reach.

Once this movie was out, I could see people trying to imitate his sshhhhtyle! Right from the hair color,the hair style, the mod outfits... People imagined themselves to be REMO! And not to forget his famous,rather the punch style - act of 'throwing a kiss'. God... din't think that the character could have such an appeal.

Came across many other situations where the guys called themseleves REMO.They'd even put pics of REMO on their Orkut album (which was just one instance).I was extremely surprised when a colleague of mine added the name REMO to his name (not that he re-christened himself) but he was so crazy about that character,that his official profile had the name REMO followed by his name.

The best part was, I had gone on a trip to an amusemet park. And we were going on this ride called the cable car.
Hey!!!!!It is a beautiful ride!! (but I got bored cos' it was a bit slow).Well I know for a fact that I ain't travelling on the land.Still.....

The car is pitched at a height of 'I don know how many feet' high from the ground.Me and a friend of mine were just observing the design and the shape of the car. When I came across this... Saw the word REMO written there on the glass. this what you call the HEIGHTS!! ??? !!!!


Vikram H said...

hehehe...people just love to play 'ape'!! :)

kausikram krishnasayee said...

u must read this review by sudish kamath ....

keerthi said...

Keine Ahnung!!!!! :)

sai thilak said...

Me too saw ppl like that. Ppl imitate blindly watever displayed on the screen. Good post except that mokkai at the end !

NIRMAL said...

See people who ape an character on screen are really mad.

u cant ape someone's hair style.

if ever i had to go on a cable car , i would have never analyzed the things u analyze
wide grin..

@ Sai Thilak
u urself one REMO da.. wide grin

kannan udayarajan said...

Its just the hype and hysteria..

Remember when Gentleman was released?Then Muthalvan..

its just the trend of the time..
tommorow itill be some new moviee..some new hero and some new character...

but the apes will be the same..


Einsteinophile said...

@ All : Seriously......APES!! :)

Deepti said...

hey was anon niru by anychance??? :) neways... i dint like remo one bit !!!!

Lost in trance... said...

Remo I guess is wat many ppl WANT to b...So there's no stopping the apes...its very much like the Y! Avatars?

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